Alien Isolation - x5 CiNEMA offers brilliant NOSTROMO movie soon —

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This is the beautiful introduction of x5 CiNEMA's new NOSTROMO movie.
Why i'm authorized to show this on my little Alien Isolation fan channel ? Yes, because i can proudly tell you that i was involved in and could contribute some footage. And the result of his awesome editing is mind blowing for me as a lifelong ALIEN fan.
I never had such a experience before. neither in terms of constructive and friendly teamwork across the pond nor while watching the apparently brilliant result.
Because i was involved in i might be not objective, so i warmly recommend forming own views to all fans of the franchise when it's out for watching at AUGUST 24th. Don't miss this.

If you like cinematic game movies you should visit x5 CiNEMA at his channel
There is a lot to explore.

This is a non-profitable hobby of us and we are very thankful for every view, comment or
Alien Isolation - x5 CiNEMA offers brilliant NOSTROMO movie soon —

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