17 Strangest Animals Kept as Pets — #kinotubeinfo

17 Strangest Animals Kept as Pets — #kinotubeinfo

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10 - Into the Wild…
fairly new addition to unusual pets is the Southern Tamandua, also known as the ant bear. It’s basically an ant eater, but won’t be effective at removing ants if they’re a problem for the owner as their diet is so much more than just ants. They love to tear things apart, and many owners have gotten fed up at the constant destroying of items on their property. Best to leave these beautiful animals in the wild, where they belong.

9 - Great addition to the tank…
These little chaps are called Axolotl’s and they’re a type of salamander. They come from Mexico, and are sold for around $20.00 each. They come in various colours, and can regenerate their limbs if needed. Especially good if you have biters in your tank. They can get quite big, so you need a larger tank and are pretty forgiving when it comes to the type of water they’re based in.

8 - This little piggy went to market…
One of the cuter unusual pets to have must be the dwarf pig. They are pretty costly, anything from $750.00 to $3500.00 for one. It seems to be a status symbol to own one, but there is a huge backlash against it, as many breeders use unscrupulous methods to keep them small. Many owners have been duped, and bought these tiny guys – only for them to grow into monster size pigs!

7 - Cute or Cruel?
Over in Australia, smaller breeds of kangaroos are becoming popular as pets. Sadly, the death toll of them as pets is very high – as these guys need massive amounts of space to run around in, and they need places to hide – which is part of their nature. They also regurgitate their food, salivate a lot and constantly lick their paws. One can cost as much as $3000.00 and you really have to committed to it, if that’s
17 Strangest Animals Kept as Pets — #kinotubeinfo
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