Do i have an asian fetish

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Romelia - 14 May 22:38

Guy looked similar he needed tech backup , lame fuck

Emmaline - 1 February 07:18

I think she is talking about pthalates, so shut on the spelling! Simply position, they are chemicals found inward plastics, especially bendy or squishy plastics (also belike latex condoms that tend to leach out over time. Mounting evidence is showing they tin copy or mess with your hormones, which could cause a host of problems. This doesn't quite seem to fit the context of what she was talking about, though, so I may be wrong.

Laganga - 3 July 06:45

But how did it start? The constabulary officers tried to raid the bar because inthatlocation were laws which declared existence homosexual as illegal. But somebody had to create these laws inwards the firstoff location. Why did they? Existence homosexual doesn't injure anybody. There's no demand for a law because nil needs to be protected.

Hubert - 28 May 22:30

Delight permit me know where this 7-11 is!!
I telephonecall bullshit!!! Never seen a 7-11 with a porn machine inward restroom!!! It's Bullshit!!!!

Curfman - 12 September 21:21


Roches - 28 June 08:20


Carmella - 30 August 07:17

Wow really hot vid